What happends at The Althing?


A typical Althing starts the day before the event. Our staff arrives on Friday and starts setting up. We prep the camp ground, the food, the mead and the games.

On morning Saturday, we put on our viking gear, fire up the coal forge, light the cook fire, and practice the games. Once people start arriving we take tickets, direct them in setting up tents, and get them settled in for an amazing adventure of a weekend.

Jarl Thorvin (Phillip Dahlager) gives us a welcome speech, we have a toast and the revelry begins! We have so many games that we play, Axe throwing demonstrated by Jarl Thorvin, Knife throwing, run by Mistress of Blades Channa McCartney, Becker Stronga ( AKA benchy stabby AKA Knife tricks) with Nathan McCartney and Archery, run by Yew Master Joseph Coleman.

We have Viking age blacksmith demonstrations by Nathan McCartney the Blacksmith.

The night is capped off with a viking feast, fit for kings. Becca Dahlager and her Shield Maidens have prepped an authentic feast full of stew, meats, breads, fruits and more. We will be toasting one another with ale and mead and tell tales of the viking mythology.


We ask that all who attend, attempt to wear viking style clothing. We understand that this isn't always possible but it is highly encouraged to help maintain the old world atmosphere. If you have simple English "fest gear", that is just fine. Also if your bringing a modern camp chair, try to grab a piece of rough spun or faux fur at your local thrift store to throw over it. If you need advise or have questions about putting together your kit or anything vikings in general, feel free to contact us or join our Facebook page, Viking Living history, to learn more.